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Our training experiences create a culture of understanding, empathy, and mutual respect.

Meet the Team

Working from Home

Curriculum Writers

Curriculum writers are highly-skilled classroom educators and organizational development leaders with 10+ years of experience specifically working with small and large corporations, community organizations, and government entities.


We have a talent pool of professionals who are licensed mental health practitioners, organizational development leaders, and former educators.


Edutrainers are:

  • Highly effective oral communicators with niche experience in specific areas of leadership, career coaching, and wellness.

  • Passionate subject matter experts with 5+ years of training and development experience.

All Hands In

Meet the Founder

Award-winning edutainer, author, and philanthropist, Linnita Hosten founded Excellence Brainery with the purpose of advocating for the wellbeing of tomorrow's rising leaders.

L Hosten headshot.jpeg

Linnita has conducted 700+ hours of workshops, keynotes, and educated community leaders on the invaluable tool of a trained mind and executive functioning skills like time management and planning.


The 3x author creates meaningful connections between the home environment and the development of effective life skills for pre-teens and teens.

With Linnita at the helm, Excellence Brainery is equipped with seasoned Curriculum Writers and a host of Edutainers.

Associations & Certifications


Melissa Hinson Leitzell, CEO

"We have had the privilege of working with Excellence Brainery on several occasions for both in-person and virtual international events. They immediately connect with our audience and, in our case, that audience spanned from current college students to collegiate alumni and university faculty and staff. The trainings are powerful and their experience is robust."

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Attendee, 2022 Commit to Excellence

"They are very engaging and frequently asks for input from attendees, which adds even more value to the learning experience."

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